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Projet théâtre

Cet article a pour but de vous informer sur notre projet théâtre. Depuis quelques temps, nous préparons un projet nommé Drama Across Bounderies (DAB) qui consista à réaliser une pièce de théâtre.

Hye everybody,

This article aims at informing you about our drama project.
For some time, we have been preparing this project named Drama Across Boundaries (DAB). It consists in creating a play. During our correspondence with an English class, we have received ten objects representing their city to invent a play.
To help us, a drama teacher : Aoifa, comes once a month, during four hours. When our project is finished, we will send the play to our correspondents and they will send us their play created with our 10 objects representing Sèvres.
And for you only , in preview, we can tell you the principal topic of our play : it is an escape from prison,...

Now , you have to guess the follow up !

Thanks to Mr Gény and Miss Bourg

Class ALC, 4eme 1 et 2

 Raphaëlle Dhouailly
 Louise Le Roux
 Agathe Minerbe